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Why do I have to list everyone in my household on my auto policy?

Any person that is physically able to drive your car is a risk that the insurance company has to take into account. If the person has a policy of their own they won’t be charged for the risk but still need to be listed.

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What liability limits should I have for my car?

In our litigious society, you should carry as much coverage as you can afford. Companies that lease cars have found that most insurance claims fall under the 100/300/100 threshold so this limit is a good place to start.

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If I rent a car, do I need to purchase their insurance coverage?

Most insurance companies will cover a rented vehicle as long as it is for pleasure use. Remember, only the coverage you carry on your car will extend to cover the rental.

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Can I allow other people to drive my car?

All insurance companies discourage the permissible use of your car by others. If the person is a listed driver or named insured they will be covered. You should not allow someone regular use of your vehicle but if it only happens on occasions it is usually allowed. Please contact us or your agent for the [...]

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